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foSync Enterprise Synchronization Software
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The PDA Synchronization Tool

foSync is easy to use sync software, for connecting your field staff to enterprise servers. foSync is a simple, reliable synchronization infrastructure, providing the benefits of an enterprise-wide hotsync server without the high costs. foSync can be used as a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Using foSync, your staff will dial a 1-800 number from a PDA device or connect wirelessly to a Windows server, optionally hosted by our ISP partners. Or you can connect to a server hosted within your organization instead.

Once connected, users can send and receive emails and update centralized calendar entries. They can send and receive any physical files structure supported by Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, Pocket PC 2002+ or Symbian Series 60.

This also means that you can use foSync to update your staff's PDA applications when they are in the field -- without running a full remote hotsync to do so.

But, most importantly, foSync allows you to sync data between a PDA and an enterprise (ODBC-supporting) datasource, over IP -- again, without running a full remote hotsync to do so.

foSync infrastructure

A variety of security levels are in place to control access to the backend server, ranging from WindowsNT challenge/response to our own encryption layer.

A company can create their own secured "Tunnel", to pass email, data files or application specific synchronization, across a internal VPN network. Note: You can even cross the web dialing a local ISP using the foSync secured VPN, because the data is packetized and encrypt/decrypt the data during the transmission.

foSync exposes the exchange-sync process via an API set. Application developers can create conduits that function across the tunnel -- allowing a user to transmit pieces of data up to entire files back (and forth) to the server.


The major advantage to all of this is cost and that foSync can be run as a private VPN.

The focus of foSync is on ease of use.

foSync Requirements:

Android hardware
  Android 2.3+,
  4mb RAM,
  Bar Code scanner for Barcode options.

Apple iOS hardware
Windows Mobile hardware
  Pocket PC 2002 or higher

Symbian phones
  Series 60

foSync Server
  Windows 2003 Server+, or Win XP/Win 7
  Exchange Server,
  SQL Server

  or contact us for a custom, inhouse solution.

foSync Pricing:

foSync Server $3-6000, depending upon configuration
foSync Mobile $60USD/user registration fee


Last updated: May 24, 2012
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