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Component for Beaming Symbian Series 60 Applications and Information
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Symbian Series 60 Beaming Component

foSymBeam™ (Fundamental Objects Symbian Beaming) is a Series-60 development tool
for adding Bluetooth or IrDA beaming into your application.

  foSymBeam ™ is a new toolset to provide beaming components to higher level Symbian applications. SymBeam provides both "light" beaming -- where textual information is sent to the recipient phone or "heavy" beaming, which includes beaming your entire application to another phone.

SymBeam supports beaming via Bluetooth, IrDA and any other protocols that support attachments big enough to send the application, such as e-mail or MMS.

Excellent for brochure applications; games; sales & marketing tools; or just being able to easily share your application with others.

SymBeam creates an installation file on-the-fly, directly on the phone itself, as part of the beaming process.

  • Series 60 phone support.
  • Builds the install package on the fly.
  • IrDA support.
  • Bluetooth support.

SymBeam Requirements:
  • a Symbian Series 60 phone to send and receive.
  • Development platform: Any Symbian C++ development environment
    (Microsoft Visual C++, Metrowerks CW, Borland Builder).
  • Languages supported: C++


  Download the FO brochure for an example application using foSymBeam.


Last updated: Tuesday, July 20, 2005
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