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Palm Brochure Reader and Builder

  foBrochure allows you to create product brochures (or similar content), that are placed into Palm files for you to easily send to others.

Perfect for Sales, or even really sophisticated calling cards, foBrochure allows you to change the text, buttons, forms and even the graphics of a Palm application; all without programming. The resulting files can be beamed to another PDA user, right from within the brochure itself using the button.


  foBrochure is a collection of 3 interrelated tools.

foBH is a free reader, that allows you to read and beam the brochures that you create between Palm users.

foBE/Palm is a Palm-based editor; that allows you to make simple changes to brochures in the field. This allows you to customize a brochure for an individual client, while on the road.

foBE/PC is a Windows-based, drag & drop version of the Palm brochure editor, which is used to initially create a new brochure.
Palm 3.1 OS or higher, 2mb RAM, Color Palm recommended.

Reader: Free,
PC editor and the Palm editor: $180 USD
download a sample brochure

Last updated: Thursday, July 7, 2005
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