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foPM Project Management utilities

What is foPM?

foPM is a formal -- yet simple -- project methodology developed by Fundamental Objects to ensure that each phase of a project's life span is successfully executed.

The foPM project methodology is now being extended to the business community in the form of several user-friendly project management tools. These tools provide linked accessibility to project data, easy graphical navigation, and automated reporting.

Fundamental Objects Project Management backgrounder

Have you ever taken a trip without a roadmap? If you are traveling a short distance you can probably afford to make a few wrong turns and still arrive at your destination safely, but if your taking a long trip or a trip with many turns, you better have a roadmap or you will ultimately get lost.

Every Project Manager knows that taking a few wrong turns when leading a project can be an expensive and dangerous pitfall. To keep projects on track, foPM provides the "roadmap" to success that every project manager needs. foPM offers a unique combination of cutting edge tools and a "flexible" methodology that enables the Project Manager to deliver projects on time, within budget and with the quality that every client strives for. Best of all, foPM is very easy to use. Way too often, Project Management is not used or followed up on in organizations because the toolset is too cumbersome to use. foPM allows the Project Manager to retrieve the necessary project information without being bombarded with details until they are needed. This is accomplished through the "Project Roadmap" feature that allows the Project Manager to "build" the components of the project that pertain to the project at hand.

It is no secret that a good Project Manager is the most important tool for successfully delivering a complex project, but even the most knowledgeable manager needs more than experience and gut feelings to bring intricate projects to a successful completion.



Last updated: Friday, February 10, 2012
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